A Design AwardsA Design Awards

Other conspicuous design prizes:

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Automobile PrizeDifferently Abled PrizeVisual Communication Prize
Graphic Communication PrizeDisegno PrizeInterdisciplinary Prize
Outdoors PrizeReady-Made PrizeSponsoring Prize
Sponsorship PrizeTasarim PrizeWatch Prize
Watches PrizeFashion PrizeAwards Prize
Professionals PrizeLogo PrizeCreativity Prize
Ready-Made PrizeTextile PrizeInterior Furniture Prize
Annual Awards PrizeWorldwide Awards PrizeItalian Prize
Street Furniture PrizeMagnificient PrizeCollege of Design Prize
Excellent PrizePerfect PrizeArt Materials Prize
Portfolios PrizeDesignprix PrizeOffice and Bureau Prize
Workshop and Warehouse PrizeCar PrizeJewelry Prize
Art Works PrizeConference Rooms PrizeTradefair Centers Prize
Tradeshow PrizeAlmanacs PrizeDesign Proposals Prize
Interaction Design PrizeExhibit PrizeDesign Business Prize

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